Retired govt employees pledge Rs 80 crore

Retired govt employees pledge Rs 80 crore

   The representatives of the association including Chairman D N Sampath met the Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and made the donation.

There are a total of 4.65 lakh retired state government employees, who all pledged a day’s pension and their pending Dearness Allowance (DA). Speaking to the media after their meeting with the CM, Sampath said the retired employees have pledged their DA arrears from July to October. 

Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO), too made a contribution of Rs 1 lakh to the relief fund. Around 32 employees of KRIBHCO gave away two days of their salary towards the relief fund.

A total of Rs 900 crore relief has been collected via the relief fund so far, the CM revealed. Out of the 900 crore, Rs 100 crore had been collected as Cheques and the remaining Rs 800 crore have come in the form of assurances.

He also hailed the support of the people of Karnataka and the work of government officials towards relief efforts in North Karnataka. He said that the amount of relief that has come pouring in has far exceeded his expectations.