'India is the toughest place for newcomers'

'India is the toughest place for newcomers'

Don Argus, whose review of Australian cricket charted the country’s course back to world domination, says India is the “toughest environment” to blood youngsters.

Argus said it was expected to be tough on the players who are coming in to fill places left vacant by giants of the game.

“Up until this series, the guys have done pretty well in trying to unearth new talent and things like that. I think India is probably the toughest environment of all to blood new talent and that’s what is happening,” Argus said.

“Everyone is going to have to hold their steel here (India) to get the ultimate outcome because if you start thrashing around in water then you drown, and up until now I think they’ve held it pretty well,” he added.  

Argus said there is no quick-fix solution to the problems facing the Australian team at the moment, but cautioned against panic. He expressed concern about the lack of emphasis on spin bowling in the coaching structure and warned that the schedule of the Big Bash League must not distract from the team’s Test objectives.  

“Everyone wants instant success whether they’re in corporations, football clubs or cricket clubs and the trouble when you go through a transition or succession phase is that impatience manifests itself (as)  emotion,” Argus was quoted as saying by the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’.