Chaos, confusion in voter's list mars enthusiasm

Chaos, confusion in voter's list mars enthusiasm

Voters shifted to other wards; family finds names in two lists

Gurumallesh was enthusiastic to vote on Thursday. Not that he was a first time voter, but because his friend was in the fray. However, it didn’t take much time for his spirits to dampen, as his name was missing in the voters’ list.

A resident of Hosabandikeri, under ward six in the polls to the city corporation, for Gurumallesh, shock began early during the day, when his name was declared missing in the list of ward four after searching for nearly an hour.

He smiled when he learnt that some voters in ward four have been shifted to ward six. The joy was shortlived, when he couldn’t find his name in that list too. To his dismay, he was the only member in his family to miss the vote.

In a vice-versa situation, a family of five had been listed in two different booths under ward four. Chandrashekar, Parvathamma and their son Shashidhar had been marked in booths 37 and 38. While Dayavathi wife of Shashidhar had been excluded from the family list and found her name separately in booth 38.

For Vinayaka Bhat, a permanent resident of Ramanuja road under the same ward, his name was missing, but his wife Trupthi had been given the privilege. For Shashikumar B K, a mix-up of photo was a reason for embarrassment, but that couldn’t deter him from taking part in the poll exercise.

Adding to his embarrassment was that his sister-in-law (elder brother’s wife) marked as his wife in the rolls.

Most of the queries, pertaining to the list, were either of missing names or transferred to neighbouring wards, strangely without the knowledge of the voters. Some among them were patient to take an extra walk, while some thought it an insult to take the pains to get the chit, blaming the authorities concerned for not sending them at their doorsteps.