Moving away from the chaos

Moving away from the chaos

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Moving away from the chaos

Bangalore has always welcomed all forms of entertainment, especially concerts and music festivals. But now, places close to the City are also opening up to new and interesting events.

Known for its serene surroundings, Coorg in the recent past has played host to a couple of big events like the Rahul Sharma and ‘Deep Forest’ concert and the ‘Storm Music Festival’.

The response to both these events has been huge. Bangaloreans have turned up for the event in large groups from the City and made a great holiday out of it. Apart from it being a good excuse for a holiday, people say that they don’t really have to worry too much about the curfew, loud music and parking spaces at this place.

‘Storm’, a two-day long music festival, even created facilities for people to camp at the venue. There, they could not only enjoy the music but the scenic location as well. Music lovers say that this form of partying has a charm of its own.  Darshan, a support software engineer, says that he attended ‘Storm’ because he also wanted a change in his party life. “A big bunch of my friends and I drove down to Coorg in two cars for the festival. It went beyond our expectations as everyone got along so well. The event was also managed very well,” he adds.

What Aanya, a professional who went for the ‘Deep Forest’ concert in Coorg, really liked was the fact she didn’t have to worry too much about the parking or the cops. “Everyone who comes for these events is in a relaxed mood and the surroundings too help maintain that tempo,” she adds.

Lavanya, a professional, who attended the same concert, says that such festivals are memorable. “Unlike a concert in the City, where you have to worry about how to get to the venue and back, here everyone is in a holiday mood. I feel the government should encourage more such festivals as it also promotes tourism
indirectly,” she adds.

Ankit, a professional, has been to many music festivals across the country. He says that such venues provide an opportunity to enjoy good music and explore a new culture.

   “The combination was perfect. During the day, I visited the popular joints and tourist spots and in the night, I partied. The experience of camping and listening to good music under the stars was a different one. You didn’t have to worry about the noise disturbing others,” says Ankit, who adds that he extended his trip after the festival.

Lavin Uthappa, festival director, Storm and MD of Liquidspace Entertainment, agrees that a music festival not only promotes good talent but also the local economy and culture, thus benefiting everyone involved with it.

“Post the positive response to ‘Storm’ in Coorg, we have had a lot of people showing
interest to host the festival in other parts of the country. We are, of course, looking at taking it nation-wide so that we can spread the message of love, harmony, nature and music in specially created spaces,” he sums up.