Just go the curly way

Just go the curly way


Just go the curly way

Curly hair is now the hottest trend, writes Sarah Thomas.

Most women long for straight hair, and spend hours with the straightening iron. But what they do not know is that those curls are a blessing in disguise. Indian women are naturally endowed with gorgeous curls, a crowning factor to their beauty. Yet they fail to realise how lovely an asset they possess.

Curls provide volume and bounce to your hair, it gives you a unique look. Even if a person has scanty hair, the curls make it seem bushy! Curly hair suits any kind of facial structure, unlike straightened hair which falls flat and looks completely unnatural. In fact, Sreeram Ravikanth, cricketer for the Third Division Team laughs, “I love women with long black curly hair. That is the first thing I notice in any girl. Come to think of it, most of the women I have dated all had curly hair!”

While curly hair does look lovely on Indian beauties, it is often regarded as difficult to maintain. Sometimes, it is extremely hard to handle, as it becomes dry and rough by the end of the day, and is highly prone to split ends. This twisted beauty does have its drawbacks, but a careful understanding of the nature of your curls, will turn those negatives into positives.

Curly hair is now the new trend; many straight-haired women walk into salons to get their hair curled. While artificial curling may not make the hair go dry and rough, those with natural curls are not so fortunate. Natural curly hair can easily look frizzy and to add to women’s misery, there are not many hair cuts that suit this hair type! Use gels, creams and scrounge drying your hair might help, but of course, it is indeed extra work. But come on, natural curls like those need premium coddling!

Here are some sure-shot ways to tame your curly hair:

Apply serum to your hair

Serum makes you hair manageable and it becomes easier to style your hair. You could apply a serum either after a shower or when your hair is dry. The serum keeps the hair in control. Scrounge drying after a shower and then applying the serum is another good option.

The good old champi

Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best. Remember how your mum used to insist on oiling your hair. Once a week a good oil massage is good for the scalp, it goes to the roots and nourishes it. Curly hair is susceptible to dryness, so the oil is good. It keeps those curls hydrated.

The layers behind those curls

Layering suit curly hair as it gives more bounce, it gives shape to the hair and it becomes easier to comb. The problem of ‘knots’ would reduce drastically. You could leave a few strands of hair in front to enhance the look.

Cut it dry

While in the parlour, always remember to cut your hair when it is dry. If you cut your hair when it is wet, there is 99 percent probability that it would appear 4-5 inches shorter when it is dry.

Damp-style it

Its best to apply styling products like gels and creams when your hair is damp. It becomes easier to set it, as the product dries with your hair. This way, your hairstyle would not alter much.

No fringing

Fringes do not go well with curly hair, as it will not set the way you want it to. Fringes are supposed to cover the forehead and a lot of curls covering your forehead would not look good. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to style fringes for curly hair.

Blow dry with diffuser

Blow drying makes curly hair frizzy, and you definitely do not want the electrocuted look. Always use a diffuser, it protects those curls and gives them shape. Blow drying after using a serum is a good option, but always remember to blow dry with a diffuser.

Look for rare styles

The rather rare or uncommon hairstyles like French plait, or side-pony, look great on curly hair. These styles complement the charm that natural curls lend to the ladies.

Best haircuts for curly hair

-  Long wavy layers for fine to medium hair with loose, uneven waves
-  Very long layers for fine to medium hair with tight spiral curls
-  Medium length with minimal layers for thick, wavy curls
-  Shoulder-length pageboy cut with longer layers at the ends for thick, very tight curls
-  Long haircut with several layers for medium dense hair with wavy and relaxed curls
-  Layered bob with side-swept bangs for fine to medium hair with waves and curls

Best hairstyles for curly hair

-  High ponytail with a few curls hanging on the front and sides
-  Half hair tied at the back and half hair left loose at the front
-  Loose hair with a tight hairband keeping the hair away from face
-  Loose bun at the back with several strands let loose at the front
- Loose ponytail pulled over one shoulder with loose strands on the other
-  Loose hair with side crop and hair held by a small clip at the side

Remember one thing. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Stop trying to overtame those curls. Just embrace them.