At home, happy and happening

At home, happy and happening


At home, happy and happening

While most people seem to be raving about working women, there are these new-age housewives whose life seems full-on and laidback, observe Shaili Dhagat.

There was this sms circulating recently that went:
Frying pan in one hand, another on the mobile
One eye on the soap-opera, another on the neighbour
One ear on the latest gossip, the other hearing for the cooker’s whistle
Well, well, who says that a housewife’s life is boring!

So truly said! While the world seems to be raving about working-women, there is this other class of women who are house-wives or home-makers, and are leading extremely interesting lives. On the one hand they are managing their house-hold and on the other hand they are having their share of fun too, striving to lead fulfilling lives.

They have created their own wonderful world, adorning the assorted facets of relationships, playing different roles of a wife, mother, daughter, while retaining their own identity instead of putting it on a backburner. They fill their moments with outings, visits to friend’s place, watching movies, joining hobby-classes, taking part in welfare activities, becoming a part of social welfare programmes, going off to beauty parlours, daily visits to gyms and fitness centres and more such activities involving work cum pleasure!

Whatever be the reasons for not working, many of these home-makers claim that they have the best of both the worlds. Their husbands dote on them as they admire the ‘stay at home’ status of their wife, considering it as a supreme form of sacrifice made for the family (pardon the pun).

These women get enough time to relax around while the whole world seems to be in some kind of a hurry. They get their fun-time too and can make lots of new friends while staying in touch with the older ones. They also get the time to look-after themselves and enjoy the leisure of life while everyone else is trying to squeeze out some time for fun-filled activities and exercise! Well, one can’t just say that their lives are completely stress-free but it is just that they have more time and energy to manage it.

Says Mamta Singh, a home-maker for the past twelve years, “I never found a dull moment ever in my life! After my marriage, I continued with my teaching job for a while but after having babies, I gave up my job. Initial years were tough, but once the kids began going to school I had the option to join back my job. But I decided to be a home-maker which is actually a full-time job. I had so much leisurely time on hand. My husband is always busy so one relaxed person at home is such a blessing! My family appreciates my step. My daughters respect me for being always there for them. I go out shopping once a week, visit my parents and in-laws once a week, I even enjoy a movie once in a while, I have joined a kitty party group. Evenings are reserved for the gym. I win lots of compliments for maintaining myself well. My life is exciting and peaceful! I have no regrets about being a home-maker.”

Gita Srivastava, another house-wife shares her views, “I am a house-wife by choice but my life is definitely not boring! In fact my husband and my working friends kind of envy my relaxed lifestyle. I walk in the early mornings with my group of friends and catch a glimpse of nature at its best. I enjoy cooking for my family and the compliments are plenty. I enjoy baking for family and friends and once in a while take a few orders too. I get my share of space and time in which I socialize, drive off to the lively Bazaars or catch up on the latest books at the book-stores. I have joined some evening classes for singing which I attend twice a week. I even go for movies with my friends and we also have a session of bridge once in a month. Wow, come to think of it, I enjoy my life as a house-wife. There is so much to do and learn. I am never bored and life is definitely exciting and interesting. I am not criticizing the life-style of working women but house-wives have the option of making their life both relaxed and enriching and get plenty of opportunities to venerate the women in them!”

No doubt that the home-makers of today are leading very interesting lives! It is a matter of personal choice for them. They have made their lives interesting and do not dwell on mundane activities. Modern home-makers have created the right awakening in themselves, pursuing hobbies and varying interests while looking after their family’s needs. They are the happening house-wives and are proudly living each moment in style, enjoying life in different measures! Well, how many of us have that luxury?