Romance redux that tires you

Romance redux that tires you

Starved of ideas and inspiration, filmmakers dovetail to tread a tried and tested trail. What better topic then trite and time-worn of love tale. So, Vasu Baskar scripts one more in Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal (One more love), woven around modern day digital domain of social networks and the Internet believing he has a winner on hand.

Sadly, Baskar’s re-enactment of wired romance wilts under the vacuous and vapid vaudeville it whips up in the belief it would regale GenX who swear by these techno language of texts and tweets. So unbeknownst to one another, Jiva and Maheshwari, inspired by their common muse in verses and literary pursuits, faithfully fall in love and become e-mail mates.

So, when Mahi with moneybag dad Anand shifts bag and baggage her base to Chennai, and destiny would deem it, lands up in the same medical college as Jiva.


The two medicos, however, have not set their sights on each other. But with respective dads consenting to an alliance, the two wed, never realising they are cyber buddies mooning over each other. After several twists and turns, tracking their lives as years pass, final realisation of truth dawns. By that time though, audience are already yawning away to glory and kingdom come.

Given that such scenarios have been done to death, the film, does not offer anything new to rave and rejoice about. Saddled with loony, laughable and listless loopholes, it turns out into an exercise in futility.