'People underestimate women's pain, patience'

'People underestimate women's pain, patience'

A large number of women take part in womens day celebrations

The government must ensure safety of women. If it does not provide safety, then women should not exercise their franchise, said Bhanwari Devi of Rajasthan.

Bhanwari Devi is a survivor of a gang rape in Rajsthan. The court cases on her case resulted in the Supreme Court defining sexual harassment at workplace, and preventive measures and redressal mechanism. The judgement is popularly known as Vishaka Judgment.

Speaking after inaugurating a women convention as a part of jatha organised by the Mahila Daurjanya Virodi Vedike - Mahila Sangagala Jaala for a society free from violence, here on Friday, she said that women should not vote for rapists. “Let us unitedly raise our voice and fight against atrocities. Women should no longer bear injustice.” Soon after the inauguration, she sang a song—’Chaar din ki saheli, saheli nahi...’

In her presidential speech, Writer Vaidehi said the programme has not been attended by a single elected representative. Should we exercise franchise for those who fail to understand our needs? “We women are innocent and easily believe in what others say. People have been underestimating our pain, our patience. Now the time has come where we have to show our strength and courage. Women should overcome atrocity by developing self-esteem and self confidence.”

All the women organisations should write a letter to the President India against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in Manipur. Irom Sharmila who has been fasting for 12 years for the abolition of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act is a symbol of courage.

Writer Sara Aboobakkar said that women in Mangalore have finally awakened against injustice and atrocities. There is a need to raise our voice against atrocity which has been taking place anywhere in the world.

Stating that women’s associations do not have caste, creed and religion, folklore artiste Sukri Bommanagowda said that women are equal to men in all aspects. There can be no house without a woman.

Ruth Manorama from National Federation of Dalit Women said that Mangalore is a significant place for holding a women’s convention owing to the rise of fundamental forces who have been dictating terms for women. All the stereotype conditions will be denied by the women.

 “Whole world belongs to women, we need a space and platform. We want dignity, freedom, justice, equality, which has been bestowed to all by the Constitution. We need to break the culture of silence. Women’s day is a day to declare women’s freedom.”

Anupama Editor Shahnaz said there is no caste and religion for the tears of women. She called upon the women participants to teach their children on the need to respect women and female children. There is a need to raise voice against blue films and drugs and those adverstisements which consider women as sexual objects.

Writer Anupama said that women’s politics should be coupled with love and affection. “We propagate peace, harmony, love against violence. We are not demanding capital punishement for the accused. However, we want to change mindset through love.”
Prior to the convention a jatha was held at Bunts Hostel Circle. The procession passed through PVS, Besant circle, Ballalbagh and Lalbagh.