Being a woman in a man's world

Being a woman in a man's world

Balance and firm foothold are important for a working woman

With change in time, we have seen many changes in the roles of women. The working women today have to face many and different kinds of challenges both at home and at work.

The challenges related to work can be especially sensitive and the women have to learn to deal with them themselves and right while working. Experience is the best teacher and the women need a positive outlook towards all such challenges in order to succeed.

On International Women’s Day, women from various fields have shared with Deccan Herald their experiences and speak about handling multiple roles successfully.

Patient women

Chowdeshwari, president of the Zilla Panchayat, says, “Involving myself in politics outside home even while I am a member of my household has taught me that women need a lot of patience.

Women, however, also need to be sharp and intelligent in selecting their professions. If they select but then fail to learn the tricks of the trade, they will end up at the receiving end of a lot of mockery in this male dominant society. Women should consider these points closely.”

She adds that time management is another important part of a woman’s life, both at home and at work. Otherwise things can be very difficult for them even in matters of looking after children.

“Many men try to slip away from this responsibility giving the excuse of working outside. Their wives should take the initiative of sharing the responsibility at home with them equally,” adds Chowdeshwari.

Equality important

Dr P Sangeetha, an assistant lecturer, says the most important thing for a woman is to be self-dependent. Just as they manage their household successfully and in their own manner, they should also learn how to deal with society.

“Working women, who have to deal with activities inside and outside their houses should realise that they are not objects of exploitation. They should also realise that they have a certain prominent place in both family and society. Women should improve their capabilities in management of family pressure and personal pressure,” she says.

Dual pressure

“Employed women have added pressure both at home and at work. They have an unavoidable situation of having to adjust to both the family and society. Which is why, mostly, even if they succeed at their jobs and economically, women have a lot of strain psychologically,” feels M V Rathnamma, an advocate.

She, however, insists that getting employed only helps a woman grow braver and more confident.

“In turn, a woman should get right returns for her efforts. The social outlook towards women too should change. Only then can a woman enjoy both her employment and her family life,” she explains.

“Mocking a woman for being a home maker, showing respect for being employed is unjust. A home maker puts in all her efforts at managing her family. But an employed woman does not neglect her family, which is her first concern, no matter where she is.”

Family and career

Dr Vandana says it is necessary for women to develop greater passion for both professional and family management.

“A successful career will satisfy just one person, but we should pay more attention to the happiness of our family members. Balancing the satisfaction of both needs is a major challenge for an employed woman today. No challenge will seem troublesome or big if there is equilibrium between profession and family,” she says.

Sharing her personal experience on the professional front, Dr Vandana, says, “I take pride in being able to rush to attend the needs of a patient right in the middle of a night, treat the patient, return home and then, the next day, attend first to the family and later to the patients with enthusiasm. I have developed this ability with a lot of focus and will-power.”

The doctor adds that women will have a lot of expectations before marriage, but the situation changes once they start spending longer hours with family members. “There is, however, nothing that can match the delight of satisfying and fulfilling the needs of your family members.”