Kerala police still unsure if man in custody is Bitti Mohanty

Kerala Police Saturday began a detailed investigation and enquiry into the identity of a person taken into custody on suspicion of being Bitti Mohanty, convicted for raping a German national in 2006 and then jumping parole.

Speaking to IANS, Rahul R. Nair, the Kannur district superintendent of police, said that a complaint was received from the State Bank of Travancore (SBT) about the identity of one of their probationary officers. A man was taken into custody on the basis of the complaint.

"We are not in a position to confirm if the person in custody is indeed Mohanty. But I have got in touch with police officials in Jaipur, from where he jumped parole in 2006," Nair said, adding that the Kerala Police have registered a case of impersonation against the arrested person.

Speaking to IANS, Ranjith Thomas, public relations officer of SBT said that the bank had received an anonymous letter three days back about the identity of one of their officers working in a branch in Kannur. That letter was forwarded to the state director general of police.

"His name, according to details he has offered us, is Rajan, and he hails from Andhra Pradesh. We took the proper course of action and reported the matter to the police.  Apart from this, we do not know anything," said Thomas.

Mohanty is the son of a former top police officer from Odisha. He was convicted, along with a friend, of raping a German tourist in Rajasthan.

The trial was completed quickly and Mohanty was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment on rape charges. In November 2006, he secured parole to meet his ailing mother. Since then, his whereabouts are unknown.

His father, B.B. Mohanty, served as director general Home Guards and Fire Services, Odisha, at the time when Mohanty committed the crime, and was accused of aiding the son's escape.

B.B. Mohanty was suspended from work for coming to his son's aid, but later reinstated. He retired from service last year.

Nair said the arrested man would be produced before a court later Saturday.

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