Accident survivors recount agony, acts of bravery

Accident survivors recount agony, acts of bravery

Escape from death: A train passenger being rescued after the Goa Express rammed into the Mewar Express near Mathura on Wednesday. PTIAs the engine of the Goa Express crashed into her coach, Anuradha was stuck from the waist down between two seats. Despite the pain of fracturing both her legs and sustaining head injuries, Anuradha caught hold of the two kid as their mother was killed by a rod. "Despite the pain caused as a result of being stuck between the jammed seats, she made the children sit on her shoulders. When locals cut open the compartment, she handed them the children," Sharma told Deccan Herald.

"Though being in the BSF, I could never show the kind of courage she had shown in all the battles I had fought. I am really proud of her," Sharma said, unable to control his tears.

Anuradha was travelling to Delhi to resume her software engineering course. The journey had its own thrills for her, as she carried a computer with her and wanted to show it to her mates. Little did she expect that the terrible accident would spoil all her plans. While Anuradha at least had the comforts of her parent, her co-passenger and now her roommate at Mathura's Maheshwari Hospital, had no one to check his condition.  
The 60-year-old was rescued from near the washroom in a senseless condition by local people after a two-hour struggle.

"The first patient came here at around quarter-to-six, after which five bodies were brought here by the local people. In total 11 victims were admitted here and most of them have suffered multiple fractures and rib, lung and pelvic rupture," Dr Shashank Maheshwari, Doctor in charge of Maheshwari Hospital, said.

Gayatri Singh, who travelled on the train with her son Abhishek recalled the moment of the accident. "We were suddenly thrown out of our seats and both myself and my son sustained head injuries as bags and suitcases started falling from the luggage shelf above," she said. Gayatri, who was admitted to Dayanand Hospital, said local people have rescued her and informed her husband about her condition.

Another woman passenger, injured in the accident, said that she was fast asleep when the unreserved compartment was hit. "I could not move. Bags and suitcases fell on me after a loud thud," she said.

The flattened coach, which was nothing more than a mangled piece of iron, spoke volumes of the damage the accident has caused.