She stole hearts with her silk voice!

She stole hearts with her silk voice!

Beyond expectations

She stole hearts with her silk voice!

The nine-time Grammy winner, Norah Jones, daughter of sitar virtuoso late Ravi Shankar, performed recently at Manpho Convention Centre Grounds.

In the City as part of ‘A Summer’s Day’, a brand new music festival produced by Only Much Louder, Norah gave a wonderful concert to an appreciative audience that included the young and the old.

This being her first tour to India, she performed a memorable 90-minute long set comprising of everything – popular songs like ‘Turn Me On’, ‘Come Away With Me’, ‘Don’t Know Why’ and ‘Sunrise’; lesser known ones like ‘What Am I To You’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ and songs from her 2012 album, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ like ‘Happy Pills’ and ‘Miriam’. She even threw in some covers like Hank Williams’ ‘Cold Cold Heart’ and Tom Waits’ ‘Long Way Home’.

Also joining her on the tour was renowned singer-songwriter and producer, M Ward, who has collaborated with Norah in the past.

He opened for Norah with a short but tight set featuring some of his most popular tracks like ‘Chinese Translation’ and ‘Primitive Girl’.

The compact venue saw a cheering crowd of 2,500 people – some were moved to tears, others smiled throughout. In terms of production too, the experience was quite magical.
The stage was beautifully lit up by strings of pretty origami cranes and a silver velvet curtain at the back that saw the colour change with the lighting, giving a dreamy feel to the show.

“I really hope she comes back soon. The performance really surpassed my expectations. The band was very entertaining and one thing is certain now – watching her live is way better than listening to her CDs,” smiles Vrinda Kalia, an audience member, for whom it was a dream come true.

Norah sang effortlessly and kept switching from the spinet piano to the guitar and back with great ease. Another reason why she won over many hearts was her interactions with the audience – she smiled constantly and passed remarks like ‘You guys are beautiful’ and ‘I hear this is the metal capital of India. I don’t know if I can help you with that. This is all I’ve got’. She even mentioned that her band members ate their best meal in India in Bangalore – and they all ate with their hands!

“She is one of the best voices I’ve ever heard and when she played alone, that’s when you could really hear her voice! My favourite song was ‘Miriam’ – I was imagining the video when she sang it and I felt that it was more heartfelt than others. But I felt that there should have been a romantic setup –– more like a small jazz café,” shares Aseem Patil, who proved that men can enjoy her music just as much as women.