Former VC finds more rot in varsities

Former VC finds more rot in varsities

Former Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor (V-C), M S Thimmappa, who had dubbed Chancellor H R Bhardwaj as the worst Chancellor Karnataka has seen in his February 14 Facebook post, it appears, has found more.

On Friday, Thimmappa posted on Facebook the links to his blog which discusses how corruption in the system has “managed to take a life” and make another professional resign in disgust.

“U B Ashok Kumar, Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology in an evening college at Mysore committed suicide. His suicide note says that he was fed up with the corruption in the system and in particular referred to corruption in appointment of VCs,” Thimmappa has posted.

Ashok, who had worked for over 30 years in the same college committed suicide December last year. Further, Thimmappa has discussed Uday Singh, the Chancellor’s nominee to the Syndicate of the University at Davangere resigning from his membership after he was disgusted with the corruption prevailing in the appointment of VCs, in the third week of February.

No measures

“Although both the incidents concerns the Chancellor directly, there has been no response from him or the Pro chancellor––no regrets, no commission of enquiry, no remedial measure coming from them,” he said.

He has further argued that Bhardwaj has appointed a  V-C without even a valid panel of three names from the search committee as per the Karnataka State Universities Act.

“He appoints a person as V-C despite there being a dissent note by a search committee member as there is a case pending against him before the High Court alleging serious malpractices,” he said, adding that Bhardwaj did not even have the courtesy and decorum to offer reasons for rejecting the dissent note.