Lok Satta takes out rally to mark Women's Day

Lok Satta takes out rally to mark Women's Day

Gearing up for the Assembly elections, the Lok Satta party in Basavanagudi took out a rally in support of their candidate Shakunthala Damle on Saturday.

Underscoring the significance of women’s participation in the electoral process, the rally was taken out to mark the International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide on Friday.

A sizable number of women marched in support of Damle along the streets of Basavanagudi.

Damle gains support

The rally began from N R Colony bus stop and passed through Subbaiah Chetty Road, DVG Road, Bugle Rock Road and ended at BMS College for Women in Basavanagudi.

Citizen activist Meera Mukund and campaign leader Rekha Mallampally led the march.

Later a press release by Lok Satta said the objective of the rally was to spread the message of clean politics and the  importance of women’s participation in democracy.