Bipasha not keen on art films, says nobody watches them

Bipasha not keen on art films, says nobody watches them

Observing that art films have no takers, popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has decided to stick to entertaining roles in mainstream cinema.

The 34-year-old tried her hands with art films when she featued in "Shob Charitro Kalponik" and "Pankh".

"As an actor I want to do good roles and I want to do good roles in entertaining films. I don't want to do good roles in art house cinema, which no one is going to watch," Bipasha told the media here Monday.

"I have done that in a particular year. I was only trying to do artistic films and I really worked hard on them, but nobody saw them except me. So I want to do films where I entertain people, people come to theatre and yet I have a scope for performance," she added.

In the city to promote her upcoming horror flick "Aatma", Bipasha, however, clarified that she is not shunning art house movies.

"I never said that I won't (be doing art films)," said Bipasha adding "At this moment I am focusing on films, which will earn money and at the same time I get to perform."

And the actress was on the backfoot when media bombarded her with questions related to her comment "nobody watches art films".

"The division between art and mainstream cinema is shrinking. Things are changing and audiences are opening out to see all kinds of films. So it is actually moving to better times now," she explained.