'People should not get influenced by movies'

'People should not get influenced by movies'

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'People should not get influenced by movies'

The spontaneity of Arbaaz Khan — who has tried his hand at acting, directing and producing — could take anyone by surprise. He was in the City to support the cause of women, and spoke to Metrolife about movies, entertainment and item numbers.

“Currently, I am working on a film that will be produced by me. The process is still ongoing and it should be complete by the end of this year,” he says.

Item numbers have been an integral part of his films for a while now. However, given that the topic is a touchy one at present, he admits that film-makers need to be a little sensitive as well. “Song and dance routines are very important for a Hindi film. But when the situation is sensitive, one needs to be sensitive as well. There is a censor board which decides if a particular song is vulgar — all the systems are in place,” he says and adds, “however, lets not fool ourselves. People who commit crimes don’t need a reason to do so. People should not get influenced by movies. For my part, I will follow all the necessary guidelines.”

His own experiences, he explains, have taught him how to take care of the women around him. “My family was a very conventional one; my father came from a very humble background from Indore. When my sister was getting married, people asked why she had chosen a groom from a different community. My father did not get bogged down. In fact, he told these relatives that my sister had chosen well and her happiness was the only thing that mattered. These small incidences go on to show a lot. Sometimes, doing the right thing is very important — one does not need to worry about others,” he shares.

So far, all his projects have been pretty mainstream. But Arbaaz says he doesn’t mind doing something different, as long as it goes on to become a commercial success. “If you look at films like Barfi or Kahaani, they are different but they are interesting at the same time. This made them commercial successes. The bottom line is that films have to be interesting as people often get up and leave when they watch a bad song or a film,” he says.

Arbaaz has displayed impeccable comic timing in movies like Hulchul and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The actor in him has not died down but he simply prefers to be choosy. “I will definitely act. I need to be choosy as I cannot act in all kinds of movies. I loved my role in movies like Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. I am waiting for a good script to come my way,” he signs off.