Surprise victories, unexpected defeats

Surprise victories, unexpected defeats

 The results of the elections held for the Mangalore City Corporation which was out on Monday, witnessed some unexpected victories and defeats.

Of the 60 candidates who were elected for the to-be formed new Mangalore City Corporation council, as many as 25 candidates have served as councillors in the previous term between 2007 and 2013.

Of the 35 other newly elected candidates, a few have won the election for the first time, while a few have represented the council earlier.

If the winners had their own moments of joy to share, the candidates who were defeated too had their words of introspection to tell. Deccan Herald spoke to a few candidates who won or lost the election on Monday.

Prize catch

“For the first time SDPI contested for the ULB polls this year and I am happy for being the only candidate from the party to win the MCC election. The credit for my victory goes to team work of the party workers. I would do my best to carry out developmental work in the ward, which were not taken up by the out-going corporator.”

- Ayaz, SDPI Corporator from Ward No. 5 Katipalla North (defeated former Mayor Gulzar Banu)

Rebel speaks

“When I decided to fight as a rebel candidate after the BJP declined to give me the ticket, I was quite sure of winning the election. They say work speaks more than words.
Similarly, in my case too, I have won the election because people had faith in my work.”

- Revathi Puthran, Independent candidate who was expelled from BJP (Ward No.1 Surathkal West)

6th time winner

“This is for the sixth time that I have won the City Corporation election. It has been possible due to the people’s support and my efforts to respond to their grievances. One of my priorities is to ensure that the new hi-tech market at Bejai will start functioning soon and the fish vendors on the road side are shifted to the market complex.”
-Lancelot Pinto, Cong Corporator from Ward No. 31 Bejai

Lost, but...

“I am sad to have lost the election, despite the efforts put in to project the good work taken up during my term. Perhaps, we have failed to convince people. Let me not sit quite, but I will continue to work for the people.”
-Gulzar Banu,  defeated in Ward No. 5 Katipalla North

Will complete pending work

“Having elected for the second consecutive term, my priority will be to complete the pending developmental work which were taken up during my last term. I will do my best to provide good road and drainage facilities to my ward.”
-Sudhir Shetty, BJP Corporator from Ward No. 52 Kannur

Plans to unite people

“The educated voters of my ward have voted for me and have helped me to win this election for the first time. Though the ward I represent is considered to be in the strong hold of the Bharatiya Janata Party, I am glad to have won, with the marginal difference of 526 votes. I would like to unite all the people of my ward who are now divided for political reasons.”
-Prathibha Kulai, Congress Corporator from Ward No. 8 Hosabettu

Negative         propagandas...

“I am of the opinion that two negative propagandas led to my defeat.”

“One was by the Congress which went on saying that the people involved in church attack incidents have joined the KJP, so do not vote for Karnataka Janatha Party.”

“And another was by the Bharatiya Janata Party which went on terming me as ‘pro-Catholic.”

-Mariyamma Thomas, KJP candidate defeated in Ward No. 35 Padavu Central.