When it's time to move on

When it's time to move on

1. Realise that it's really over

The biggest break-up mistake is pretending it didn't happen. If you broke up for a good reason, getting back together is not an option and until you accept it, you can't start healing.

2. Allow yourself to be sad

Give yourself the luxury of moping around, feeling lousy and crying. Give vent to your feelings, tear up some love notes and sob to your friends but don't go online and say stuff you will later regret. After a couple of days, stop feeling sorry for yourself and snap out of it.

3. Leave your ex alone

Keep your distance. Don’t call or text your ex or you will never stop hurting. Maybe you can get back on a friendship footing later but for now, avoid all contact.

4. Keep  busy

The worst way to get over a break-up is by moping in your room all alone. Hang out with your friends and family, play some sports, hit the gym or immerse yourself in your favourite pastime.

5. Force yourself to stop thinking about him/her

If you find your thoughts trailing back to your break-up, push them out of your head and replace them with happy ones.

6. Make a  positive change

Break-ups can be good excuses to make a complete new start. Give yourself a makeover, get involved in a new hobby, join a new after-college/work activity or redecorate your room.

7. Let time do its thing

Bad as it is now, the pain won't last forever. So hang in there and it will gradually get easier.