Managerial skills at their best

Managerial skills at their best

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Managerial skills at their best

SJR College for Sciences, Arts and Commerce recently organised a management fest called ‘Dexterite Beau Ideal 2013’, which allowed students a chance to showcase their skills as well as have some fun.

The fest had competitions in seven verticals, consisting of ‘brain management’, ‘marketing’, ‘human resources’, ‘entrepreneur’, ‘money mind’, ‘treasure hunt’ and ‘group dance’. Paritosh Vaid, a second-year student from Christ College who attended the fest, says, “There were three rounds in the entrepreneurial development competition. They were based on loans, e-fusion and setting up of a small industry.”

The marketing competition saw different segments, like telemarketing, ‘money tree’, power presentation and ad making.

“We had to take part in tasks like enacting certain words to our teammates. There was also a memory game, which included songs and the logos of different items, which tested our concentration skills,” says Kusuma from AVK First Grade College.

Adarsh, another participant, adds, “We had to make the best use of our talents as marketers and sell items worth Rs 30 for Rs 300 or more. We came third in that round. It was a fun experience to use one’s convincing skills to sell items for a higher price and present an item in a way that one desires it, even if they don’t need it.”
The competitions in the human resource segment included myriad activities varying from case analysis to role-play.

“The different rounds included aptitude tests, training skills and more. Participants were given a product and they had to educate potential customers about it. They also had to analyse cases, one of them being the situation of Air India,” says Shilpa P, the HR student coordinator. She adds, “There was also a round where participants had to counsel students about joining a particular course at our college.

The most notable competition of the fest was ‘best manager’, which saw different rounds like aptitude, pick-and-speak, case study and stress interviews.

There were five teams that took part in the group dance competition, from colleges like Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, NMKRV College, AVK First Grade College and the home team.