From romance to comedy

From romance to comedy

Family entertainer

Lover boy Kiran Srinivas

Kiran Srinivas, who played a romantic playboy in Hage Summane, is preparing to hit the silverscreen with one more comedy. He is currently working in the movie Preeti Inda, Ramesh, a family entertainer by Gunakumar featuring Ramesh Aravind in the lead.

After playing one of the lead roles in the comedy flick Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi, Kiran is appearing as a guest character in the movie and finds it very exciting.

“The movie is an unusual love story, full of confusion. It’s an urban oriented, contemporary tale. I make a guest appearance here, but it’s a prolonged one and
audience will have me throughout the movie. My character is little serious but certainly enjoyable,” reveals Kiran.

Ramesh Aravind is the male protagonist in Preeti Inda and Kiran is looking forward to working with him. “It’s great to work with Ramesh Aravind. He is very energetic on the sets, is an exceptional actor and an innovative director,” he adds with appreciation.
In spite of moving on with his career, Kiran is still hung up on his debut film Hage Summane. “I was very fortunate to work in that grandiose narration. Its melodies still haunt me,” he says.

Before becoming an actor, Kiran worked as a model for many well-known brands. But now this Bangalorean has  fallen in love with the magic of the silver screen and aspires to be a movie star. “Compared to films, modelling has a very short span and I see myself being far more  productive as an actor,” he adds.