Losers introspect, winners make calculations

Losers introspect, winners make calculations

With no majority for any parties, it is hung council in the city. Of the 31 wards, elections were conducted in 30 wards and JD(S) which had contested in all the 30 wards has secured only 10 seats.

Congress has won in nine seats while it has suffered defeat in 20 wards. Only 10 independents have won the election while 64 of them had contested. The newly-formed BSR Congress party has managed to open its account in the whole district.

JD(S) with its 10 seats need to join hands with other parties to form the council or woo members of other parties. Even the Congress is facing similar situation. People are curious to know who will take the support of whom.

However, the Council election results have shocked the supporters of MLA M C Sudhakar, who had a strong influence on the Chintamani City Municipal Council. At the same time, people are surprised to know how the JD(S) could come out victorious in so many wards, under the leadership of leader J K Krishna Reddy. Besides, political experts perplexed over the KJP’s win only in Bagepalli and Gudibande in the whole district and also defeat of popular leaders.

The role of social workers who later, became self-claimed leaders has certainly been a pivotal in determining the results. 

“Since Sudhakar did not get the B-Form from the KPCC (like last time), he had fielded his supporters. Besides, former minister  K M Krishna Reddy’s daughter Vani Krishna Reddy’s sudden inclusion into the Congress party paved an easy way out for JD(S).

Besides, J K Krishna Reddy’s social works helped the JD(S) to strengthen its base here,” say the political experts.

“Most of Sudhakar’s supporters who were elected to the council forgot their duties and as if to teach a befitting lesson, people did not vote those leaders, hence, their numbers drastically reduced,” they observe.

It is significant to note that KJP conducted a massive convention and public meetings in Shidlaghatta to seek people’s support over there. This made the KJP leaders to field 14 candidates in the fray but the party could not even make its impact over there. But it has won three seats in Bagepalli and two seats in Gudibande.

Even the BSR Congress party witnessed similar fate. The party had fielded 16 candidates in Gauribidanur but it did not win any vote but managed to win a single seat in Chikkaballapur.