Police station doubles up as party venue

Police station doubles up as party venue

For an entire night, Kandhla police station in UP’s Muzaffarnagar district, remained out of bounds for the common people.

If one thought the policemen were busy discussing a strategy to nab some dreaded criminals or solving a complicated murder case, it would be completely wrong.

They were celebrating the birthday of their boss — the station house officer of Kandhla.

SHO R N Singh had thrown a lavish party for his subordinates at Kandhla police station on Sunday night.

The entire staff of the police station had joined the party, where liquor flowed like water. The policemen virtually turned the place into a bar, and were seen drinking liquor and dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs late into the night, according to reports.

People outside came to know about it when pictures reportedly taken by an outsider, who also happened to be among the invitees, made their way to local newspapers.

Senior police officers were shocked to see the pictures and promised action.

There are also reports that some complainants, who came to the police station to file FIRs, were turned away by the policemen as they were busy partying.

“We have seen the reports. The matter is being investigated,” said an officer, adding that action will be taken against the guilty policemen if the report is true.

UP Police have drawn flak in the past for disrespecting human rights and for conniving with the high and mighty and implicating innocent people.

Only recently, some policemen allegedly abandoned their senior officer, a DSP, leaving him in the lurch when he was surrounded by a mob in Pratapgarh district. He was brutally killed by the mob.