Learning through innovative ways

Learning through innovative ways


Learning through innovative ways

IFIM College recently held ‘Aura 2013 – Essence of Fun’, the first edition of its inter-college management and cultural fest, which saw the participation of colleges like SSMRV College, MES Degree College, National Degree College, Christ College, ISBR, Alliance Ascent College and Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women among others.

Events that tested different skill sets were held across the two days. Day one focussed on management events like ‘best manager’, marketing, finance, human resource, business quiz, business plan and others. The other big event for the day was the rock show, which saw nine participating teams and a performance by the headlining band Parvaaz.

The entire Electronic City campus was decorated with banners, streamers, rangoli and other interesting items which were made by the students themselves. “We wanted to make it creative and still get the point across. That is why we chose innovative ways to use pop culture in our event posters,” notes Raza Ali, pointing to a poster that used ‘Joker’ (from ‘Batman’) to denote the face- painting competition. 

Day two saw maximum participation in the fashion show and group dance.  Other events that were popular with the students were photography, war of the DJs, beatboxing, gaming, face painting, cartooning, ‘mad ads’, ‘air crash’ and many others. “It was a great experience at IFIM’s fest. It was a good platform to showcase one’s creative side and knowledge,” shares Deep, a student of Christ College, who won the marketing event.

Jain College emerged the overall winners of the fest. Akshitha Jain, a student of the college, says, “As students, we never understand the level of enthusiasm and the urge to perform that is hidden in us. This fest brought out a spectrum of talent in all of us and showed us what we are capable of. The standards, level of innovation and practicality of the rounds never gave us a clue that they were designed by undergraduates. It was a great way of learning management with some amount of fun.” Sharath Kumar,
cultural head of the fest, speaks of the challenges they faced putting it together.

“Being the first edition, we only had our learnings from attending other fests as our base. The toughest parts were getting sponsors and convincing colleges to participate in Electronic City, which is quite far. But once we got into the groove, things started to fall into place,” he says, adding that he is more than happy with the legacy that has been established with the fest.