Drink up to lose weight

Last Updated 13 March 2013, 13:32 IST

There are many experts who claim to help you lose weight within a few days or weeks! But, the secret to losing weight isn’t just watching what’s on your plate, it’s also about watching what’s in your glass. Many popular and favourite drinks, fruit juices and energy drinks are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates that can hamper weight-loss strategy.

So, here are a few tasty ways to drink and lose weight, without adding on the kilos. The most important and favoured one is plain and simple water. Yes, you read that right. Water. It is the single best choice for effective weight loss. So, aim to make water your go-to beverage choice.

Ryan Fernando, co-owner of Qua Nutrition, says, “If you think water is boring, try adding fresh lemon slices or lime. It can add flavour without adding calories and it is one of the best ways to lose weight. Plain water helps raise metabolism rate and can burn nearly 60-70 calories per day. Another effective weight loss drink is green tea because it has anti-oxidants and again, helps raise metabolism rate and detox your body.”

Another very good option is coconut water which contains more electrolytes than most fruit juices and energy drinks without extra sugar and artificial flavours. Coconut water naturally speeds up metabolism, provides more energy and you can workout longer with more intensity thus losing weight faster. One can also have fruits and their juices as well. Apple and pineapple have minimum calories and help lose weight too.

“Whether in a can, bottled or homemade, vegetable juice is an excellent way to get fibre and nutrients into your body to fuel weight loss. Juices made from veggies like carrots, beetroots, cabbage and celery will keep your tummy fuller and the tangy flavour will keep your taste buds happy,” adds Ryan.

Coffee without milk and sugar helps spur weight loss by providing a boost of caffeine that suppresses hunger. Coffee also heats up the body and boosts metabolism. A shot of black coffee 15-20 minutes before a workout can help burn more calories than usual.
So, the best way to lose weight is to have small meals with these beverages and you are set to rock in your favourite pair of jeans or a dress and very soon too!

(Published 13 March 2013, 13:32 IST)

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