HAL, Boeing ink pack for flaperons of 777 jetliners

HAL, Boeing ink pack for flaperons of 777 jetliners

HAL will make the delivery in phases and Boeing will get the first set of flaperons in the next couple of years as per the contract.

The 777 flaperon is a highly complex composite assembly that is instrumental in controlling the airplane’s maneuverability in flight. 

Referred to as a ‘control surface’, flaperons work both as an aileron to control roll and as a flap to control lift.

Work package

Boeing India president, Dinesh Keskar said, “The agreement represents yet another work package Boeing has placed in India and HAL since we first began our relationship with HAL in 1991, and after having received the first production part from HAL in 1995.”

Keskar said the composite 777 flaperon that HAL will produce represents a significant leap forward in technological capability, and supports Boeing’s strategy to work in partnership with India’s aerospace industry for the long-term.

36 aircraft

Indian carriers have ordered a total of 36 Boeing 777 aircraft. This includes 23 from Air India and 13 from Jet Airways.