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A tale of drugs and love

Catch ‘Rush’ on MGM at 3.15 pm on March 15. The movie is about Jim, an undercover cop in the narcotics division. The not-so-experienced Kristen joins Jim on his next assignment to apprehend Gaines — a notorious and very elusive drug dealer. During their investigations, Jim and Kristen fall victim to drug addiction and also fall in love with each other. Watch the film to see what happens when they are unable to gather enough evidence against Gaines. It stars Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sam Elliott, Max Perlich and William Sadler.

On a dangerous track

Catch ‘High Lane’ on March 15 at 7.27 pm on HBO. In this movie, Fred (played by Nicolas Giraud), his girlfriend Karine (essayed by Maud Wyler) and their friends Chloe (portrayed by Fanny Valette), Guillaume (Raphael Lenglet) and Loic (Johan Libereau) go on a hiking trip to Croatia. On reaching the venue, they find the entrance closed off with rocks. Fred is an experienced climber and manages to persuade the others to go on ahead despite the blockade. But moving on further, the five teenagers realise that the trail is not very safe. Things get from bad to worse as they go further. Will they get back alive?

Unique connection between separate incidents

State of Play’ stars Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Viola Davis and Robin Wright Penn. In the movie, Cal McAffrey comes across the news of two deaths that appear to be unconnected at first glance. One is a petty thief who has been shot at in a dark alley and the other is a Congressman’s assistant, who has been gunned in front of a subway.

Cal is a newspaper reporter who immediately sees a connection between the two incidents. He digs in further with the help of rookie journalist Della. But will the expose be worth the danger his life will be in once the
story is out? Catch the movie on Zee Studio at 5.25 pm on March 15.

The return of an assassin

In ‘Rogue Assassin’, FBI agent Jack Crawford is devastated when his partner Tom and his family are killed by the elusive assassin Rogue. Jack becomes obsessed with revenge. 

Then, finally, Rogue resurfaces when he sets off a veritable war between mob rivals Chang and Shiro. Watch the film to see what happens when Jack and Rogue finally come face to face.

It airs on Sony Pix at 9 pm on March 15. The movie stars Jet Li, Jason Statham, John Lone, Devon Aoki, Luis Guzman and Saul Rubinek.

(tv show timings are subject to change)

Instructions from a stranger

In ‘Phone Booth’, Stu Shepard (Collin Farrell) juggles a career with a wife, Kelly (Radha Mitchell) and a mistress, Pamela (Katie Holmes). He picks up a phone that is ringing on a busy street. The stranger on the other end tells him very clearly that if he hangs up the call, he will be shot. When another man tries to enter the phone booth, he is shot at, bringing the police to the venue. Stu has a difficult time convincing the police of what’s happening. He is still holding the receiver through which the stranger forces Stu to face a few home truths.

The flick airs on Star Movies at 7.41 pm on March 15.