Eat with family to strengthen bond

Eat with family to strengthen bond

Dining Time

Eat with family to strengthen bond

The system of a joint family is now almost gone in big metros like Delhi and the time spent with one’s family is shrinking constantly due to hectic schedules. Besides, when a couple is working in two different fields they often miss out on eating together – alongside missing out on the joy that bonding brings.

An old tale says that families who sat down together for their meals shared better understanding and generated more love. In ancient times, people had huge families but they all sat and ate together. The concept holds greater importance in present times as it strengthens bonding. Metrolife brings you multiple benefits of eating with your family.

According to etiquette guru  Kavita Ashok, eating with loved ones reaffirms that you will stand by them come what may. “We are all very busy in our never ending race of life but the fact that you could take out a few precious moments to eat together is an indicator of your care for your parents, spouses, children or siblings. It sends across a subtle message of unity. Twenty minutes of your precious time may add to the family’s strength and bonding,” she says.

A dining table can be a great conversation ground to share the day’s fun and tough moments. If a family is not eating together, its members remain cut off from each other’s lives. “Today, we hear people complaining of losing a connect within the home as communication is getting lesser and shorter. A dining table can be a great conversation ground. Your fun moments, your tough moments all become points of light conversation and in this way you share a part of your everyday life with loved ones,” adds Kavita.

However, the bonding will grow only when you take care of each others’ sentiments at dining table and maintain sanctity of the place. “You eat here, you share your daily events here so this place is sacred. Be grateful that you have a warm meal on your table every day. Being grateful for little things brings in peace and calm and remember to appreciate the person who put in the effort for your meal,” she adds.

Eating together is also an art. When you share a meal, it is important to take care of each other’s sentiments. “Don’t bring up a touchy topic or criticise anyone. It will bring negativity to the table and ruin the meal. Make sure you don’t talk about inappropriate topics of toilets or dirty jokes,” she says. So, shed your worries, lighten up and head for a meal at home!