'I am not an actor'

'I am not an actor'


'I am not an actor'

The bubbly ‘girl-next-door’ Maria Goretti has donned another hat and this time it is as a culinary enthusiast. Recently on the eve of International Women’s Day, Maria whipped up a special gourmet surprise for India Food Network. Maria showed off her skills by preparing a French pastry, Paris Brest, exclusively for the channel.

Talking to Metrolife about her fondness for cooking, she explains, “I’ve never cooked in my life. But I started cooking for my son when he was born five years ago and the rest is history and now I love it.” Though she does not harbour ambitions of being a chef, Maria did do a small course in baking. “I am not a chef but the course can give you an idea about how to start an enterprise. You can learn about budget, hygeine, wining and dining.”

So, how often does she cook at home? “I really don’t cook at home. It’s just that I cook for my kid when he wants to have something special – like pancakes, lasagna, risotto or pizzas.” Does she enjoy Arshad’s cooking, considering he is not just a great actor but also a dancer and good cook? “Yes, he is very good and I love whatever he prepares.”

Maria, who began her career as a VJ and became popular on television through music, has never returned to the limelight until recently. Why? “No VJying for me now, no music for me now. I would anyday love to do a travel or a food show. I am done with music shows.”

But she has also been an actor (remember her solid performance in Rajat Kapoor’s Raghu Romeo) and comes from a theatre background. So, how about returning to acting? “I am not an actor. It is a very serious job and I never thought of being an actor. It is just not my cup of tea.”

Given their common interests, does she talk to Arshad about his work or does he consult her for any project? “He never consults me, although I love what he is doing, especially films like Ishqiya, Munnabhai series or Jolly LLB.”

And, is it tough maintaining the relationship with a star like Arshad? “Not at all. I don’t care what the world is saying. What matters is my opinion about myself and my family.”