Fake notes for luring voters at Robertsonpet

Fake notes for luring voters at Robertsonpet

H(m)oney trap

It is an old adage that not just the giver, but the receiver too is guilty of corruption. No matter what happens to the distributer, right now the receiver is in trouble.

Post voting and declaration of the municipal election results, the once mining area is throwing up interesting facts related to the candidates and the voters.

Late discovery

It is learnt that in a ward in KGF which had the maximum number of candidates, a contestant had given Rs 3,000 to each voter. Now, after the elections, when the voters went out to use the notes, many of the notes were found to be fake.

Many voters informed the candidate of the matter. The candidate, in turn, expressed shock and concern and is learnt to have visited the homes of all the voters who were paid, taken back the fake notes and given them genuine notes.

Police sources have confirmed the incident, but have added that they have taken no step as they got no complaint over the matter.

Returned notes

A contestant at ET block in the City, who had distributed notes for votes has lost the elections. Now, he has been going around the ward, demanding the money back from the voters.

“How dare you take money from me and vote for others,” he is said to have gone about telling the voters.

In response, however, the residents of the ward collected all the money they had received and returned it to the contestant, who was thereby silenced.

Sari returned

A candidate at Andersonpet had gone about distributing sarees among voters the day before voting. A candidate from the rival group allegedly collected a bundle of the sarees and dumped them in an empty house. The residents tried to hand him over to the police.

The candidate filled empty pots with the sarees and dumped the bundles of notes he had below an empty trunk at home, before escaping from the backyard.

The next day, however, he returned to the house, explained the incidents of the previous day to the residents and took away the money from under the trunk.

No ration

In another incident, a candidate who was distributing ration in the mining area wards lost the elections. After the declaration of results, he started recognising the voters when they approached him for ration.

“Return the Rs 500 you were given before the elections if you want ration,” he told the voters and sent them back without ration, complained the residents.