Japan Airlines to pay 35K for serving non-vegetarian

Japan Airlines to pay 35K for serving non-vegetarian

Japan Airlines has been asked by the Delhi state consumer commission to pay Rs 35,000 to a couple for serving them non-vegetarian food instead of the vegetarian meals they had chosen while booking tickets.

The state commission said the airline’s negligence and deficiency in service is clear from the conduct of the cabin crew which did not mention in its report that the couple had complained about the wrong food provided to them. “As soon as they started eating, the couple observed something wrong in the food and started feeling uneasy.

They immediately called the air hostess who had served the food packet and she confirmed they had been served non-vegetarian food,” a bench of members S A Siddiqui and S C Jain said.

 “It is wrong to say on the part of the Airline that cabin crew was not informed of the mistake. This was the duty of the cabin crew to mention all the happenings which they failed to do just to avoid their liability,” the bench added.

“This clearly shows negligence and deficiency of service on the part of Airline,” the bench said. The order was passed while dismissing the appeal of Japan Airlines which had challenged the decision of a district forum here directing it to pay compensation of Rs 35,000.