Report on border area development gathering dust

Report on border area development gathering dust

Plethora of recommendations await newly-constituted Authority

 The Centre, proposed in the report submitted way back in 2002, has still remained on paper.

There were eight taluks in undivided Kolar district - Bangarpet, Srinivaspur, Mulbagal, Malur, Bagepalli, Chintamani, Gauribidanur and Gudibande. After the formation of Chikkaballapur district, the first four came under Kolar district and next four belonged to Chikkaballapur district. “The district has socially backward communities. Equal emphasis need to be laid on establishing Kannada as well as social and economic uplift of the people,” the Committee opined while recommending setting up the Centre.

Pronounced need

Though the research in social milieu in the context of development are abound in Kannada literature, there is a pronounced need to put the work in a framework. The proposed centre will go a long way in this behalf. An in-depth research into the social and linguistic structure in border areas could be taken up at this Centre. The documentation of all the works at the proposed centre should be carried out in Kannada only, the Committee had felt.

However, no efforts have been made to implement the recommendation even after seven years of submission of the report. During the tenure of S M Krishna government, Prof Baragur Ramachandrappa, who was the chairman of Kannada Development Authority was appointed as the chairman of Border Area Study Commission. A comprehensive report was submitted to the government after conducting a survey in 52 border taluks.

“The additional grants released under border area development programme are only symbolic. In order to ensure some progress at the ground level, it is essential that symbolic gestures must be matched by establishment of institutions,” Ramachandrappa had postulated. However, the possibility of setting up such institutions has remained a moot question till this day.

Mukhyamantri Chandru, who took out “Nudi Gadi Jatha” before becoming the chairman of Kannada Development Authority has personally submitted a report. Former chairman of the Authority, Prof Chandrashekhar Patil too has submitted a report.

The Authority has compiled a book summarising all these reports along with the issues that came up during the convention of border taluks held in Joida, a North Karnataka town in Goa border. The ball is now in the court of newly constituted Border Area Development Authority to champion the cause.


Speaking to Deccan Herald over phone, Chandrakant Gurappa Bellad, the chairman of Border Area Development Authority said that the Authority has commenced its work keeping in view all the reports submitted over the issue. More emphasis will be laid on development of the 52 taluks in the border area. Apart from recommendations to the government, the Authority will itself take up some programmes.

Bellad disclosed that a questionnaire seeking necessary information has been sent to taluk and district administrations in border areas. Subsequent to receipt of information, the Authority will finalise the recommendations after a visit.

All eyes are now on the Border Area Development Authority. Amidst plethora of reports and recommendations, the need of the hour is action.