'Playing an actress is the easiest thing to do'

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Last Updated 15 March 2013, 13:31 IST

Actress Shubha Punja is busy these days and she is loving every minute of it. Hopping from a film set to a dubbing studio, the actress says she is glad that most of her films are turning out well. She has kept her mind clear from all controversies and says that she will let her work do the talking.

The actress also tried doing something different recently. She did an action sequence choreographed by fight master Danny for the film Meenakshi.

“It’s not the typical girl fight, it’s a proper heroic one where I fight with another girl,” says Shubha. She goes on to add, “I really had not prepared for it because I thought it would be a small girl fight but when the master came on the sets and said that it would be a proper fight sequence, I was a bit nervous. But it was interesting to perform and I did it well.”

But Meenakshi is not a complete action film. The movie revolves around land mafia and Shubha says that it has a bit of romance, drama and action. “My character in fact is very different. It has two shades, one of a very docile, innocent girl. But by the second half of the movie, she changes completely,” Shubha describes.

Shubha is also trying her hand at comedy in Chaitanya’s Parari. “I’m really excited about this film as I play a television actress. I always wanted to play the role of an actress. Playing an actress is the easiest thing to do,” she adds.

Shubha is also doing another love story called Artha.

“I have done my share of women-centric and commercial entertainers. This year, I really want to do rom-coms and chick flicks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all my movies
to do well,” she sums up.

(Published 15 March 2013, 13:31 IST)

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