Outpouring of support overwhelms Akram

Outpouring of support overwhelms Akram

Back in the city by a quirk of fate a decade later, a worried Akram is overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern and support from friends and fans for the quick recovery of his wife Huma, battling for life after being hospitalised here under dramatic circumstances.
“I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous concern from almost the entire world and India in particular,” the former fast bowler told PTI.

Huma (42) was admitted to the Apollo Hospitals on Tuesday after her condition worsened while an air ambulance carrying her to Singapore from Lahore made a scheduled refuelling halt at the airport here. She is in the intensive care unit.

An emotional Akram expressed his gratitude for the compassion and efforts of the Indian government in allowing Huma to be rushed to hospital immediately.

“God is great. The good news is that Huma’s condition is stable and she continues to receive intensive medical attention that she requires,” said Akram.

“I raise my hat for the government for letting us in and the hospital authorities for their swift action in their diagnosis and extending treatment to Huma,” Akram said. Moved by support from various quarters, Akram said “It has been a great source of comfort for the family. Hope Huma will recover fully before heading back home.”