BTM residents battle for water

BTM residents battle for water

The residents of BTM Layout have been facing problems in water supply over the past four years.

According to them, the supply shrunk ever since new areas were brought under the limits of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.

The Palike did not add pipelines in the new areas affecting water supply in the
entire layout, complain residents.

“We have not received water for ten days now,” said M L Seetharam, a resident who has made numerous rounds to the BWSSB office. “I have written to everybody –the executive engineer, the BWSSB chairman and also MP Ananth Kumar. But nothing has changed,” he said.

N Ramakrishna, a retired government official and a resident of BTM Layout II Stage, undertook a signature campaign to highlight on the issue. “I collected signatures from about 200 residents and sent the same to the BWSSB Chairman, Chief Engineer, BWSSB and also to the Assistant Engineer, BTM Layout, BWSSB. They have turned a blind eye to our problems,” said Ramakrishna.

Low pressure

Whenever the water is supplied, the residents say, the pressure is very low.
“The pressure is so low that it takes hours for the tank to fill. Also the upper floors don’t get water,” said another resident.

The angry residents have poured their woes out at the water adalats several times. But the BWSSB engineers are yet to take steps to resolve the problem. “The Assistant Executive Engineer gets transferred every three years. So far nobody has done anything to address the issue,” added Ramakrishna.

When contacted, BWSSB said they have not received any such complaints from the residents.

“There is regular supply in BTM. In fact, it is better than the neighbouring areas,” said Assistant Engineer, BWSSB, N B Mallikarjuna.

He also added that if they receive any complaint, they visit the house and solve the
problem. “BTM has received water on all days. On rare occasions, there is a drop in the pressure.”

‘No complaint’

Assistant Executive Engineer Puttagowda Swamy, who was posted to the area two weeks ago, also said that nobody has approached him with any complaint.

“We would surely have known if BTM had no water for ten days. We ensure that the residents don’t face any problems and even if they do, it is solved immediately,” he clarified.