Youngsters sing their way to fame and money

Youngsters sing their way to fame and money

Music to ears

You’ve heard of video jockeys, radio jockeys and disc jockeys. Now comes the gig culture! Trending in a big way in major cities, it’s seen as another career option by college-goers who look at gigs as a means to earn pocket money and recognition.

Gigs or concerts or live performances are becoming a must for uptown cafes in any metro city. Dim and diffused lighting, comfy couches, delicious delicacies topped with awesome music definitely make for a perfect evening.

And with the increase in the gig culture, music lovers get to listen to the best of rock, blues, jazz and hip-hop and the performers are smiling all the way to the bank.

“It’s all business. Café owners provide us a platform and we help them earn more. Today, an evening is incomplete without a live band performance,” said Manish Kumar, 20, lead vocalist with one-year-old band Impatient Lovers.

Almost a decade ago, music was considered just a hobby and not as a profession. But today musicians have got their due recognition.

“I started learning music when I was 14. I am doing my graduation in the vocal arts. And I also teach guitar at the Rock School of Music. My parents always supported me and my girlfriend suggested the band name,” Manish Kumar said.

Their band has four members and plays progressive Indian rock. Earnings are pretty good. “We do gigs across Delhi and NCR and earn up to Rs 30,000 per gig,” Manish Kumar, who has a couple of singles to his credit.

“We divide whatever we earn and do not take money from our parents. We have made our passion our profession,” he said.

Similar is the story of Ishan Kumar, lead vocalist with The Alibi, a four-member band.

“We are in the same college. Initially, we started jamming at college fests. Last year we thought of widening our horizons,” he said, adding that the Internet came in handy.

“I feel websites like YouTube help promote music. There’s great scope for new bands. People listen to them and like them. Some of them like Agnee, Indian Ocean and Euphoria have even got a chance in Bollywood,” he said.