'Tremors' cause panic in JP Nagar

'Tremors' cause panic in JP Nagar

However, the Meteorological Department officials maintained that no seismic activity had been recorded.

Shivraj, a resident, who felt the tremors said, "I felt the vibration in the ground at around 11 am. Soon, the windows and doors started vibrating. Initially, we thought it was the result of some quarry activity being carried out in the premises. However, we ran out of the house when there was an increase in vibration. Fortunately, there was no damage. Other residents in the vicinity also came out of their homes.”

No cracks on walls

B V Subbarao, who stays opposite of Shivraj’s home said that he experienced tremors twice. "We felt the first tremor at around 9.30 am, which was mild. However, the second one occurred at around 11.30 am, and was so severe that it set off the door alarm of a car parked in our lane.” However, there were no cracks reported in the wall due to the tremors.
Meteorological Department, Director in-charge B Puttanna observed, "We did not record any tremors. The tremors and accompanying sound could be the result of the work being carried out in the local quarry.”

Similarly, offering clarification with regard to the loud noise heard by several residents in Whitefield, on Tuesday, Puttanna said that the time of the sound heard by residents was reported to seismic observation department in New Delhi.

“They replied that the sound was not related to earthquake. I think even these tremors might be a local phenomenon. However, I cannot exactly ascertain the reason,” he added.