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Mac on the move

»The Mac Vs PC story has taken a new turn. Corporate America, perhaps setting a worldwide trend, has begun to embrace Macs more than ever before.

Given the near total PC monopoly in this segment, the number of Macs in enterprises is still low.

But that is changing, says a report in Network world. General Electric has about 330,000 computers, only 2,500 of them are Macs.  Cisco has 80,000 computers and 28,000 of them are Macs. Gartner has reported that Mac numbers would rise by
20% year-on-year, while the PCs may drop by 5%.

What is driving up the Mac. There are many drivers. A Forrester report says it is the perception of security. With cyber security becoming an everyday menace, companies feel safer with Macs, which are less prone to malware than Windows. But that is because given the rarity of Macs, they are a less attractive target for hackers. If they start penetrating the enterprise users in large numbers, threats would increase  proportionately.

The second factor working in favour of Macs is the growing popularity of the Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) policies.

As companies start giving employees a choice of the devices, they are finding that many are opting for Macs, which are seen as more elegant machines to work. The employees are so motivated, they are getting proactive in solving the problems in migrating from Windows to Mac.

 For example, most companies are geared up to support only PCs. So, employees are forming informal support groups to help each other. The cool factor is rubbing on the companies as well; Macs make them look more ‘contemporary’ build a better brand.

These advantages outweigh the higher cost of these machines. Mac also seemed to have gained with the popularity of iPhones and iPads, which have made other Apple products more appealing.