Preity doles out health tips to fans

Preity doles out health tips to fans

Preity doles out health tips to fans

Sleep well, early breakfast, exercise and much more came from actress Preity Zinta, who decided to utilise her Sunday by sharing some fitness tips with Twitteratis who are following her.

The 38-year-old discussed various health issues and also gave away tips on eating habits and working out.

"It's Sunday and of course, a fun day, so it's time for Sunday chat. Are you guys all ready? Should I suggest a topic today. Sometimes we have serious, hectic chats and sometimes it's all fun and frolic! Today, I think, we'll chat about health, beauty and fitness," Preity posted on twitter.

"Do you know that eating within 10 mins after waking up is guaranteed to make you lose weight? If you skip breakfast, then god help you, so don't do it... If you don't sleep well, you tend to overeat the next day and in turn increase your chances of putting on weight," Preity posted.

"Having lots of water first thing in the morning can cure up to 23 diseases in your body, especially if it's kept overnight in a copper vessel. If you drink water with ice in it while training, it gives more energy. Also, it burns more calories," she added.
The actress, who has worked in movies like "Dil Se", "Kya Kehna", "Mission Kashmir" and "Dil Chahta Hai", emphasised on working out regularly.

"If you are exercising, it's very important to take  steam and massages. Massages help in breaking down lactic acid in the body, which helps with stiffness. It's a misconception that workout drains your energy. On the contrary, it rejuvenates. I feel more energetic afterwards," she wrote.

Preity also feels weight training helps in toning and and is a very important part of fitness.

"3 times cardio and 3 times weight training is almost perfect. Best way to run is at intervals with brisk walking and never on an incline. Weights should be done with 30 second intervals. You get better results," she added.

The actress, last seen in a full-fledged role in 2008 movie "Heroes", will soon be seen in her production venture "Ishkq In Paris".