Charity along with merriment

Last Updated 18 March 2013, 13:05 IST

The City is always known for its passionate foodies and recently it played host to a unique event where 31 popular restaurants along with the Food Lovers Club came together to host ‘Chefs for Charity’.

Not only did the top chefs from these restaurants cook their special dishes but they did it for a cause. The money raised by them went directly to Sneha Nilaya, an orphanage run by the Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate Society.

Held at the Taj West End, the place was brimming with activities –from jazz music at the background to the various aromas beckoning the guests to try the food at their stall.

And those who had come there braved the heat and tried a large variety of dishes - a variety of pastas, breads, seafood to even unique desserts and cocktails, the event was every foodie’s dream come true.

“There were so much variety that it was difficult to pick and choose what to eat. So we tried a bit of everything and took breaks in between as well,” said Reshma, an IT professional, who attended the event with her friend Ayesha.

“This is a very unique concept and I have never been to anything like this before. But I did wish it wasn’t so sunny and there was more place to sit,” added Ayesha.

For Antonio Lotito, an Italian chef from ‘Movenpick’ Hotel and Spa, such events are very common in Italy. “Food plays a big role in Italy and it really helps people come together under one roof. Through this event, I will take back many memories of meeting chefs from various hotels. I also had a better understanding of Indian cuisine,” he added.

Apart from him, there were many expatriates present, who are regulars to many of these restaurants in the City. For them, it was an ideal venue to make new friends and  contribute to a noble cause.

Emma and Jillian, who have been living in the City for sometime now said that an event like this has helped them experiment with different cuisines.

“What happens with most of us from the expat community is that we tend to stay in one area and eat from the restaurants in that area alone. At least through this we got a chance to try few other restaurants as well,” added Jillian, who is from America.

On the whole, the afternoon made way for some good cheer, food and merriment.

(Published 18 March 2013, 13:04 IST)

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