Former mayor alleges decline in voters' numbers

Former mayor alleges decline in voters' numbers

Former mayor P R Ramesh has alleged a shocking decrease in the number of voters in at least 19 of the 28 Assembly constituencies in the City.

Addressing a press meet here on Monday, Ramesh, based on the reply to a RTI query, stated that there was a decrease of 3,65,615 voters in the electoral roll compared with the numbers as on April 12, 2012.

“The latest revision shows a reduction of 63,004 voters as compared with those during 2010 BBMP elections. This gives an impression that almost one-third of voters simply disappeared from the constituency. The Chief Electoral Officer and the State Election Commissioner should clarify which natural calamity struck Bangalore leading to disappearance of a large number of voters,” Ramesh said.

He pointed out that in VV Puram ward from where he contested and lost the BBMP election in 2010, the number of voters had gone down by 11,665.

“Who were these voters? Were these names included in the voters’ list to ensure my defeat through rigging,” Ramesh sought to know.