Film with Sanjay Dutt not on Khalistan or 26/11: Lakhia

Film with Sanjay Dutt not on Khalistan or 26/11: Lakhia


Lakhia's Shootout at Lokhandwala"I don't know where all this has come from. There is no film that I am doing on the Khalistan movement. Yes, I am doing a film with Sanjay Dutt, but it is more on the lines of 'Shootout At Lokhandwala' - something based on a recent event in Mumbai and something about cops," Lakhia told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

So is it about the brutal 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks that took place last year?

"No way! Not at all. It has nothing to do with 26/11. It is based on a two- paragraph story I read in the newspaper about an event in the city involving some cops," he said.

The movie will be directed by Lakhia in association with Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Private Limited.

Lakhia is at present  busy with post- production of his first home production "Hide & Seek", a romantic thriller that has an ensemble cast, including actors like Purab Kohli, Arjan Bajwa, Sameer Kochar and Ajaaz Khan.

The film is being directed by his assistant Shawn Arranha.

" 'Hide & Seek' is an exciting story about how six young friends play a game of hide and seek and one incident makes them drift apart for 15 years. Now to unravel the mystery of the incident, they have to play the game all over again. It has hints of childhood crushes and romance - basically it's going to be a romantic thriller," said Lakhia.

Asked if taking a leap from direction to production had been an itchy experience considering he had to stay away from the creative nitty-gritty of the project, Lakhia said: "Production is a different ballgame altogether.

"As a director you are used to demanding things without bothering about the budget. But as a producer I had to try and save whatever money I could."

He has invested Rs.50 million in the film, but says the total budget would turn out to be approximately Rs.65 million after adding the publicity and marketing expenses.

On the creative front, Lakhia has been quite a liberal producer.

"I have directed more than four films in the past. And Shawn is just 23 years old, but very capable. My constant presence on the sets could be very intimidating for him creatively, so I just used to go and say 'Hi! Hello' on the sets and move away. However, I'll be actively involved in the post-production work," he said.