Reasons to own a Volkswagen car

Last Updated 19 March 2013, 15:26 IST

At Volkswagen, building a great car is not just about putting it together, its also about how its put together. The passion, the innovations, the unique processes that go into bringing together the tiny details to make the stunning whole.

Carrying a bit weight is not necessarily a bad thing. Carved out of 100 per cent galvanised steel, sourced from the finest steel makers in the world, Volkswagen cars are sturdier and safer by far.

They also come with a 6 year anti-perforation warranty.

Our unique Roof Laser welding process seamlessly welds the roof to the body of the car. So that you get a dampness-proof and beautiful car, without the usual ugly black strips on the roof hiding the welding.

This process also ensures greater torsion rigidity in our car bodies, as compared to spot welded bodies, which means no squeaky sounds from the body, even in the long term.

Its not just people that work to achieve the perfect body. At Volkswagen, inline measurement robots, with camera lens attached, measure the body accuracy of every car.

Zero error body means a rigid and compact car that feels like new for years. Anything other than zero and immediate corrective action is carried out.

Every Volkswagen undergoes a unique 11 stage preparation process of chemical and paints.

This entire procedure ensures stone chip resistance, colour adhesion, UV protection and anti-corrosion. To top it off, you also get paint that comes with a three-year warranty. Volkswagen’s unique hot waxing process seals every crevice in the car, which helps in keeping it free from rust and corrosion for years.

Drive it, Crash it, Speed it-there are many ways to test a car. But Volkswagen also puts a car together and then tears it apart, in a special chamber called the destruction test room.  We do this to each of our car models every month. Just to make sure that every part of the car compiles with the most stringent Volkswagen standards of quality and safety.

We carry out a special stone impact test on the body of cars. We shoot pebbles at rapid speed onto the body. If the surface and the paint of the car survive this, chances are, it can survive almost anything the roads throw at it.

We go to great lengths to make superior cars. We send our cars to deserts and rough terrains to test them under extremely hot and humid conditions. Just to make sure the rubber and plastic parts do not suffer any discolouration.

Volkswagen auditors check a minimum of ten cars per model every month spending 7 hours on each car.

Volkswagen cars comes with an innovative speed sensing steering wheel which gets stiffer as you increase the speed of your car.

At high speed the intelligent sensor holds the steering and reduces the chances of loosing control. It’s our formula to make your drive smoother and safer for the highway.

Having a shield protecting you every time you drive a Volkswagen.

Strong steel cross bars inside the doors assure that they absorb all the force in case of a side impact.

Plus an attractive offer for the month of March 2013.
Offer for the month:
Polo:   Free Insurance + Exchange Bonus + Benefits up to Rs. 38,000.
Vento:  Exchange your old car + Rs. 1 Down payment + No EMI for 1 year (pay the rest a year later in full or as 36 EMIs).

(Published 19 March 2013, 15:26 IST)

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