Internet to spur tourism in India: HolidayIQ

Internet to spur tourism in India: HolidayIQ

Internet to spur tourism in India: HolidayIQ

As a country with a rich cultural legacy and blessed with nature’s bounty, India beckons a new set of net-savvy backpackers.

The trend will see increasing traction in the coming times, according to Hari Nair, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HolidayIQ, India’s first and largest travel and holiday information portal.

He told Deccan Herald: “If these is any big problem as far as tourism is concerned, it is the non-availability of good and authentic information... With people’s thirst for travel rising, coupled with exposure and awareness, there is an expected explosion in travel research.”

He added: “Given this trend, Internet has become and will continue to be primary source for travel planning.”

HolidayIQ, he claimed, is one of the largest repository of hotels and accomodation options in the country, numbering more than 30,000.

While there are numerous such portals providing travel information at the touch of a button, the information they provide is mired in subjective judgement. Nair said the best way to maintain authenticity and objectivity is to facilitate the large Indian traveller community to provide first-hand information that can be accessed and shared by wannabe travellers.

HolidayIQ, he said, is powered by that growing tribe of travel enthusiasts, enabling people to discover, plan and share holiday experiences. Customised, rich information and insights on places, hotels, sightseeing and transport are made available to them.

“Currently, we have around 4.5 million members registered with us and we expect it will grow to 20 million in the next three years,” Nair said, adding that around 40,000 hotel and travel reviews are received by it each month. Besides, the portal also contains reviews and information on 1,300 destinations in India and 75,000 destinations abroad.  

Another trend seen in India is the evolution of mobile communication. “India is going to have an explosion in mobile phones and tablets, which in the coming years, may see 300-400 million people receiving mobile net access,” Nair said, adding that HolidayIQ has also developed travel apps for Apple and Android devices.