Teacher caught filming court proceedings on cell phone

Teacher caught filming court proceedings on cell phone

Tries fleeing courtroom, magistrates staff overpowers him

A 54-year-old government school teacher was detained on Tuesday in a Delhi court for video recording the court proceedings of a CBI case in which his relative is an accused.

The Jamia Nagar resident was detained after he was found recording the proceedings in the court of chief metropolitan magistrate (CMM) Manoj Kumar. The man was spotted by the court staff using his mobile phone and was asked to leave the court room.

However, a policeman deputed in the court room pointed out that the man has recorded the court proceedings after which he tried to flee. The man was overpowered by the court staff and brought before the judge who ordered that he be taken into custody and his mobile phone seized.

CMM Kumar, meanwhile, in his oral order asked the police present in his court room to call other police personnel from the nearby police station and hand him over to them.
Annoyed at the man’s attempt to record the proceedings, the court said he be handed over to the probe agency like Intelligence Bureau, CBI or to the Delhi Police to interrogate him.

The judge also said he be interrogated keeping in mind why was he doing so without the court’s permission. The man pleaded that he be released as he was doing it just to show it to his students in the school to make them aware about court proceedings.