Seven days of fun

Seven days of fun

Refreshing Break

Seven days of fun

Students of BMS College of Engineering took a break from their regular routine and indulged in a week-long cultural extravaganza recently. Called ‘cultural week’, this was the perfect platform to showcase their talents and saw an amazing response from the students. A total of 26 events were organised under eight major categories. 

With dance and music-related events, ‘mad ads’, creative writing, photography, skit and ‘JAM’, the fest had a wide variety and students were spoilt for choice.

For those with an artistic touch, there was clay modelling, body art and many other fine-art related events. “Many students took part in the literary events organised by the Kannada Sangha like mookhabhinaya and charcha spardhe. We also had a quiz — while some questions in it were based on our curriculum, others tested our general knowledge. It was like a mini-version of our college fest Utsav,” says Niroop, a final-year student. For those students who are hard at work preparing for Utsav — like the organisers, volunteers and coordinators — this week came as a breath of fresh air. “Everyone deserves an opportunity to display his or her skills and the best place to do that is at a cultural fest. The BMS ‘cultural week’ was just another excuse to showcase and bring unnoticed talent under the spotlight,” says Prathap, one of the coordinators of the event.

The fest was such a success that the duration of some of the events had to be extended to accommodate the entries.

“Certain events like solo music received so many entries that we had to extend the event to the next day. This gave everyone a chance to explore their talents. 

There can be two possible reasons for such a massive turnout — firstly, the students could take part in as many events as they wished to and secondly, registration was free. All the events were scheduled in such a way that students did not have to miss classes and our teachers appreciated this too,” explains Niroop.

To make the occasion a bit more interesting, the students wore a specific colour on each day. And when the week came to an end, the students returned to their classes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.