Gharanas, gayaki and their nuances

Last Updated 20 March 2013, 13:51 IST

Sopori Academy of Music and Performing Arts (SaMaPa) recently organised a two-day concert - the SaMaPa Samwad at IHC to bring to the fore finer nuances of the gharana gayaki and vaadan parampara. 

True to its roots, SaMaPa always provides a platform to young musicians and this time they brought a 14-year old talented sitar player Mahtab Ali Niyazi who led the event with his performance. He presented Vilambit Gat in Raag Yaman, Drut in Raag Shankra and Drut Gat in Raag Bhopali enchanted the audience. His recital was followed by the Samwad presentation from Bhendi Bazar Gharana and was dedicated to Ustad Aman Ali Khan Saheb.
 SaMaPa Samwad also featured presentations of Sufiana Kashmir Gharana led by the great santoor maestro Pt Bhajan Sopori with his disciples and his son Abhay Rustum Sopori, once again a santoor player and music composer. 

During SaMaPa, Pt Bhajan Sopori spoke about the gharana parampara and contribution of his family to the Indian classical and Kashmiri music as well as the traditional Sufiana gharana of Kashmir. “SaMaPa Samwad is aimed at apprising the coming generations of the rich lineage of classical music of this country. We try to bring to the music connoisseur, rare compositions and visions of different gharanas and understanding of its in-depth expression.” 

It was followed by kalaams by Sufi singer Ragini Rainu - Ki Bedarda Sang Yaari and Apne Karam ki Gat Main Kya Jaanu. Ragini’s presentation was followed by a Abhay Rustum Sopori’s recital. He presented Sopori baaj in Raag Champakali. 

“The concert was an analytical presentation where the artiste in samwad with an acclaimed musicologist and critic brings out the essence of a lineage and tradition. The audience in this unique format of musical presentation understands the nuances of a tradition through concert and samwad,” added Pt Sopori.

(Published 20 March 2013, 13:51 IST)

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