Summer showers predicted

Summer showers predicted

Respite from heat

There might be respite from the scorching heat that has been taking a toll on Mysoreans, as the weatherman predicts summer showers in a couple of days.

The city recorded a maximum temperature of 34 degree celsius on Wednesday and a minimum of 19 degrees as per the Indian Meteorological Department, Naganahalli.
Though the onset of summer is from the month of April continuing up to July, the sultry weather coupled with loss of humidity in the air, are an indication that summer has arrived well in advance.

Relatively better

The condition may not as frightening in Mysore as in the coastal or northern parts of the State, but the people of the district have anything but been prepared for the assault of the unrelenting heat.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Dr Govindaraju, Senior farm superintendent, Organic Farming Research Station, Naganahalli, said the city had recorded a maximum of 36 degrees last week, which might soar up to 38 degrees, when the actual summer sets in.

But he predicted that the high moisture levels and humidity in the air was likely to condense, resulting in mild to heavy showers in the city within the next three days. Mandya, Chamarajanagar, Hassan districts too are likely to get rains the weatherman said. Kodagu has already experienced the summer showers (also called as blossom showers, which helps in blossoming of coffee flowers).

The summer showers are a blessing to the farmers who begin their agricultural activities like ploughing and keep the land ready for sowing as soon as the pre-monsoon sets in, he said.

How to beat the heat

According to city dermatologist Dr Imtiyaz one should take bath at least twice a day to prevent any infections caused due to excessive sweating. Here are some of the other tips given by the doctor.

* Wear loose cotton clothes and avoid body fitting garments to keep away skin infections at bay.

* Drink plenty of fluids and keep avoid sweets and oily foods

* Increase intake of fresh fruit juices and vegetables

* Avoid dust as it may cause more harm to the skin this season; diseases like eczema, fungal infections, scabies and others are common

* Ensure personal hygiene