Snapshots of reality

Snapshots of reality

From the entrance of a house in Rajasthan with muddy walls to the Bandra Worli Sea link in Mumbai; the breath-taking view of river Tso Moriri in Ladakh or bricks arranged out neatly in a kiln to rag-pickers amidst a heap of garbage and many more different photographs from various genres – this is how Prashant Panjiar’s photographs vary. He seeks to observe the visual landscape of India at the cusp of change.

His photographs are taken from various places in India. There are photographs taken from the different states in India.
Most of the photographs taken are inclined towards the lives of the labourers in the Bandra Worli Sea link.

Akash, a final-year student from Chitra Kala Parishat says, “The photographs are very good. They look very realistic and I feel like even I am a part of them. The photographs are taken at such different places that each one demands at least five minutes for me to understand and look into the details.”

Prashant Panjiar’s photographs also reflect upon the ways Indians live today.
Keeping in mind this aspect, he has taken some photographs on how the Indian temples look when the god is colourfully decked up, a highway being widened, jute stalks stacked together after a good harvest.

An eye-catching photograph is a back lane of the upmarket Park Street in Kolkata, where a wall is painted in bright pink colour and there are around four to five air conditioner ducts.  

Prashant has taken every effort to capture the daily aspects of people in a creative manner.

Archana T, an onlooker says, “I liked all the photographs a lot and there is so much of clarity, creativity and reality in them. The photographs have the ability to capture a person’s attention for a quite sometime.” All the photographs have a description and also the place in which they were taken.
The exhibition is on till October 31 at Gallery Sumukha, 24/10, BTS Depot Road, Wilson Garden.