'BSY cannot promote BJP's programmes'

'BSY cannot promote BJP's programmes'

Former chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda on Thursday took on his predecessor B S Yeddyurappa of the KJP, stating that the latter cannot consider programmes launched by the BJP government like Bhagyalakshmi, provision of cycles to students as his personal ventures.

Speaking after inaugurating the BJP Mahila and Minority Morcha convention in Bangalore, Gowda said the BJP had announced these programmes in its manifesto and had implemented them.

“Yeddyurappa has been going around the town stating that Bhagyalakshmi and loan waiver for farmers are his programmes. If the BJP had not made him the chief minister, would he have got these programmes from Shikaripura?” Gowda remarked. He noted that chief ministers work under the aegis of their parties and cannot claim programmes implemented during their tenure as their own.

It is apparent that Gowda is targeting KJP’s campaign plank, as the party is planning to go to polls, highlighting the programmes implemented during Yeddy- urappa’s tenure as chief minister.

BJP Mahila Morcha President Reena Prakash said the party should give greater priority to women, while allotting tickets to contest the Assembly polls. Gowda said he would place the views of the Morcha before the core-committee of the party.

In a faux pas during her address, Reena said the sole aim of the party should be “to destroy the BJP.”

Obviously, she had meant to say “..to destroy the KJP.” She immediately corrected when the audience pointed out the mistake.