Green signal for 13 private universities draws flak from SFI

Green signal for 13 private universities draws flak from SFI

Green signal for 13 private universities draws flak from SFI

Activists of the Student Federation of India (SFI) staged protests on Thursday against the government decision to set up private universities.

The activists also demanded strengthening of government universities instead.


SFI has opposed the bills approved by the BJP government in last legislature session for the formation of 13 private universities.

“Equal education rights are a Constitutional provision, but private institutions are only out to make money. This has greatly affected many students, especially from economically backward classes,” complained the SFI activists.

“The Governor is, after all, the chancellor of universities. In the case of private universities, however, the chancellor’s will be a commercialised post,” they added.

They also urged that the Governor reject the bill as it will only deprive students from poor, Dalit, backward and minority communities from getting good education. “If not, the protest will reach State-level, and include awareness and other rallies, ‘Rajbhavan Chalo’ movements and protests,” they warned.

Kolar district SFI leader Mallekuppa Amaresh, taluk president G Kumar, secretary Sunil Kumar, vice-president R Manjunath, and others led the protest.


Markandaiah, president of the taluk unit of the SFI, who addressed the protesters outside the Taluk Office, said the universities at Bangalore and Mysore are more than 100 years old and famed for the education courses. “Even as debates are on regarding the lack of facilities in the universities, the government is attempting to convert smaller, private institutions into universities. This only shows the government’s lack of concern regarding the conditions of the older universities,” he added.

“Commercialisation of the education in recent times has been a reason for deprivation of education rights to students. There are countless private education institutions in even small towns, which are only trying to make money and the State government has only stood in support of them, by preferring to permit conversion of these institutions into universities,” he complained.

The protesters demanded that the government cancel the permit to private universities and work to strengthen the older universities.

SFI taluk secretary Gopi, Muniraju M, Divya, Arun, Akhil Prabhu, Sharath, Madhu and Vinay led the struggle.